Frazer Kinvig

Primarily involved with the Project Management of worldwide expeditions, covering a wide range of activities, where novices were given opportunities to develop self worth, belief, determination, leadership and followership through participation in controlled-risk situations.

When not engaged with expeditions, I was Facilitating leadership courses with staff of mixed Service experience.

Effectively integrating Directorships with their most junior staff, in a safe ‘challenge by choice’ environment, developing effective 2-way communication, listening skills, empathy and leadership.

Licensed to deliver SDI, I was heavily involved with Train the Trainer courses, enabling others to deliver leadership exercises and explore the merits of effective communication with small groups in controlled environments, using tools such as Mobile Team Challenge.

In 2010, I joined the Toojays team, and became involved with the delivery of leadership tasks during Team Development Workshops for a variety of clients, and most prominently with the Graduate Programme with K&N.

Since 2014, I have been running a small tree surgery and landscaping business in the North West.

Areas of expertise:

  • L&D

Licensed to deliver:

  • SDI