How to Deliver AWESOME Coaching

by Lee Martin


Jan 14, 2022

Ever wanted to know how to deliver AWESOME Coaching?

Well in this short video TOOJAYS MD, Lee Martin shares his 3 step approach to ensure every coaching engagement is as effective as can be.

Well I guess it’s not me that’s actually awesome, its actually the process that we put in place. So I just wanted to share with you the three C’s for effective coaching and what they are and why we believe they are so AWESOME!


The first C is contracting, now contracting is important to make sure that both parties fully understand what the process of the coaching is going to be about. So it’s about the format, the duration, even the content but also having that clarity around what is it we’re actually going to be doing. What’s the desired outcome? what’s the purpose that we’re actually looking to achieve here?


The second C is the chemistry. Now you might be be wondering what are we talking about with chemistry… well that’s actually about the personalities, making sure that both parties: coach and coachee are happy with the relationship. There has to be trust, there there has to be credibility, there has to be mutual respect in order for the conversations and the process and the coaching to actually work.

So spending time, actually investing some time in getting the chemistry right is very very important! You can’t force the coaching relationship if it’s not working then you need to step away so making sure you get the chemistry right of the coach and the coachee is very important as I say.

Clear Goals

And the third C is about clear goals, making sure that both parties understand what you’re trying to achieve. Now whether that’s the actions or the outcomes or the desired state, each session that you’re involved with, you have to make sure that there is a clear focus and it’s not just a cozy little chat. There is a tangible outcome that you’re trying to achieve so making sure that you have that constant understanding that constant focus on what those clear goals are ensures together with the chemistry and the contracting that your coaching can be awesome.

Now if you’re looking for more information on how to make sure that the coaching process is really as awesome as ours then yes by all means have a look at our testimonials on our websites and also on our YouTube channel, but in addition you may be interested in this little book which is currently available on Kindle and Amazon and it gives you as the manager or as the coach some very useful tips and hints and insights into how to be effective as a coach and follow best practice.

So there you go Reaching the Summit a coaching guide that has all the answers in there for you.

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