Business Coaching 2

by Lee Martin


Jul 4, 2020

Hi my name is Rachel Orchard. I am a consultant. I’m a behavioural coach, my company is called my pocket coach and the reason that I came to Lee was to ask him for some sales coaching. Whilst I’m very good at what I do I run my business and very specialist services on behavioural coaching workshops training, one-to-one, but what I don’t do well is is understanding my sales funnel.

Understanding the market, I knew there were some points that I was missing and I knew that Lee very much focused on on sales performance so I had a conversation and he was able to provide me some compartmentalised steps which were definitely things that I was missing and I had a worry that it was going to be expensive coaching but it’s actually works out very effective and the results that I get from it definitely pay for what I pay for the services so I would highly recommend it.

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