Networking Skills

by Lee Martin


Jan 17, 2019

Hi there, Lee here from TOOJAYS Training.

Just a quick note before I head into a networking evening which is quite good for me as it’s part of my new years resolutions to do more networking and I’d encourage you to think about you and your networking for this year.

If you’re in business, an entrepreneur, part of a team or just for part of your own personal development networking should be part of your strategy. But in this short video just wanted to have a quick chat about what your expectations of networking were.

A lot of people go to networking events without a clear PURPOSE and by that I mean you should understand or you should be clear on what you are trying to get from the networking event itself.

Not just turning up for the coffee and cake but what is your objective. What are you trying to achieve from actually attending.

Having that direction that clear thought before hand and planning it is key to successful networking. So if your networking is NOT working then give it some thought give it some structure.

I guess another ‘P’ is we’re going down the route of considering key aspect as well as the purpose is your PRESENCE.

So what do you actually do at the networking event?

Do you hide behind the pillar on your phone making out you’re getting a call that’s not actually coming through or do you actively stand up work the room, talk to people, engage with people introduce yourself.

Have a card, have an introduction. Start with small talk, talk about the room, the weather, the journey going there. But actively engage with people to start the conversation.

I think that’s something not many people do very easily and whether its nerves or fears or their personality type but if your making the effort to go to the networking events and engaging with people you’re going to see the benefits coming out of that.

The final aspect I’d get you to think about in terms of your networking skills is thinking about POST event. Now what I mean by that is if you’ve made some connections if you’ve listened to a great speaker if you’ve got something from the event what are you doing about that post event?

I think that’s considering your follow up techniques and your strategy. So if you’ve got the details or the business card of someone it’s thinking about when do you call them. Do you call them the same evening after the event or do you think about contacting them the next day?

It’s about making sure you’ve got a strategy or a plan in place. Not too early not too late, leaving it a month or so after you met them but making sure you’ve got a clear strategy to follow up post event.

So if you think about all those 3 things your Purpose, what are you hoping to get from the networking event, your Presence, how you’re actually going to engage with people and what’s your Post networking strategy you’re on the track for a good approach and developing more connections. More connections mean more opportunities, more opportunities means more development.

If you’re in business potentially that means more opportunities for growth and future work. So have a go at applying those and if you’re unsure and you want more advice then talk to us about our networking training.

Talk to us about our networking coaching or just drop us a line at or and we’d be happy to have a chat and see how we can help you.

Have a look at our materials on our store and on our website and look out for future postings with some more top tips.

See you later.

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