How to Deliver a Webinar

by Lee Martin


Jul 24, 2017

In this video I’ll share with you our top five key considerations to enable you to deliver effective and memorable webinars.

Now we’ve been conducting webinars for a number of years and we have a variety of tips and hints for you. Webinars, remote training courses and meetings are becoming more and more the norm these days. As organisations look for cost-effective and easy access to spreading the message to the many. They can easily connect people from different locations across the globe.

They provide flexibility so if you miss the meeting or you want to watch it over and over you can always catch it again if it has been recorded.

The medium of webinars is ideal for training or promotional messages and enables the presenter to interact and get the vibe of delivering to an audience without the hassle of room set up or travel.

Now the principles of setting up and delivering a webinar appear straightforward and simple, however without proper consideration things can go terribly wrong.

Five key things that you as the presenter need to consider

The Content

In order to keep your audience engaged and enthused your slides need to be clear and simple and visually appealing. Don’t fall into the trap of over complicating them with data, charts and too many bullet points. Consider the three quarters rule where the slide should have no more than three-quarters of the text box filled. Experts recommend having a new slide every minute of duration in order to hold people’s attention and not to have them switch off.

The Sound

Forget the fancy technology, your own voice is the most important tool when it comes to webinars. Make sure you’re speaking clearly, not mumbling and articulating appropriately. Check the sound levels. There’s nothing worse than shouting at people as they listen in. Remove any potential impacters to your voice so stop eating even if it’s a lunchtime webinar Also consider any inappropriate background noise for both you and your audience. Make sure you’ve got an environment away from noise and distractions. If that’s difficult for your audience make sure as part of your ground rules in your introduction you make people aware of their mute buttons.


Now it’s essential to have a trial run before the real thing. The more you practice and familiarise yourself with the technology as well as your content the more relaxed and better prepared you’ll be on the day. Make sure you factor in sufficient time for your practice, not five minute before the go-live.

Your Audience

If you’re using webcams or text chat boxes or even voting polls make sure your audience is aware of how to use them and how to turn them off as well. Often you can private message people within the system and point out any issue to them without informing the rest of the group. Check your audience can all hear and see you before you start. There’s nothing worse than realising you’ve muted yourself and you’re ten minutes into the preseSome Feedback


Set up the system so that upon exit audience members can provide you with feedback on your session. Use this to analyze what went well and what didn’t go so well. Think about what you’d do differently next time but most of all make sure you enjoy it If you’re not enjoying the process it’s likely to come across in your body language or your voice.

So there you have it, a short introduction of the five key things you need to be aware of in order to deliver effective webinar sessions. We hope you enjoyed it and we hope you found it useful and if you’d like any
more information please do contact us on the link below or at our website and don’t forget to subscribe to us on our YouTube channel where you can see more how-to videos just like this.

We look forward to seeing you in our next video.

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