How to Deliver Effective Customer Service

by Lee Martin


Jun 28, 2018

Hello, Lee here from TOOJAYS training.

In this short how-to video I would like to share with you our experience and expertise on how to provide exceptional customer service.

So customer service is arguably one of the last areas that organisations compete over. With price or even products no longer having a monopoly on the market more and more organisations are finding that customer service is the key differentiator.

Now we’ve been in business for over 15 years and during those 15 years we’ve never had a single complaint. That’s right not one single complaint in 15 years! How do we do that well? We apply our four principles of effective customer service to ensure that that is the case.

Four P’s to Effective Customer Service.

Your Product

Making sure your product is delivering or producing what the customer expects it too. Now if it’s a service it’s about understanding what the customers expectations are of your service to ensure that you’re able to deliver against. If it’s a product then again it’s the Ronseal moment. It’s making sure that it does what it says on the tin failure to get that basic concept in place not having your product deliver what the customer is expecting is gonna cause problems later so making sure your product is right is essential.

Your Approach

So the second P in our four Ps of customer service is making sure that when you interact with the client you’ve got a friendly person doing that now making sure they have an empathetic approach. They listen effectively they take note of what the customer’s enquiry.

Making sure they’re then able to respond appropriately. The key skills that that person needs is a good telephone manner, a good facial expression, a good approach to listening and questioning appropriately as well. Never aggressive, never too assertive, always empathetic making sure that they make the customer feel that they’re on their side and they are adding value to the customer at all times


Now the third P is prompt or doing things in a promptly fashion what we mean by that is making sure that if the customer has an enquiry with you or a question or even a complaint it’s making sure that you respond in a prompt and timely manner.

Not necessarily straight away but making sure you’ve agreed with the customer when they can expect to hear from you and then it’s sticking to that. So if you promise ‘I’ll get back to you later today’ make sure you do. If you promise ‘I’ll get back to you tomorrow’ make sure you do and if you’re not able to deliver the precise outcome that was previously agreed you still contact the customer and keep them informed of the situation, promptly making sure that you’re doing things in a timely fashion.

Meeting the customers’ expectation on that time scale is crucial to making sure you’re delivering exceptional customer service


Now the fourth P is Problems and how you subsequently deal with them. If you have something that goes wrong and most organisations do or products fail.

Sometimes it’s how you’re seen to be dealing with that problem in the eyes of the customer.

Jan Carlson talks about moments of truth. It’s basically meaning that every time a customer comes into contact with you, you have the opportunity for them to go away with a positive impression of you or a negative impression of you.

That even applies when you’re dealing with complaints, it’s how you handle the problem. How you handle the complaint is what makes the customer feel that they’ve been listened to or its been resolved to their satisfaction. So make sure you have an appropriate mechanism or process for dealing with problems when they occur.

Empower your people appropriately so that they can respond there and then and they’re not having to refer and ensure that the customer ultimately is delighted with the outcome whatever that may be.

Here are four very quick tips on effective customer service.

For more information on how to deliver exceptional customer service then contact us at to find out about our webinars, our masterclasses, or our workshops or even our workbook materials that go into more detail on how you and your teams can ensure you deliver exceptional customer service.

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